Passenger Vehicles Tyres

Maxxis is the stocked tyre brand of choice which offers a huge range of sizes and tread patterns at very competitive prices.If a particular tyre brand is required we can offer you the best prices possible.

Commercial Vehicles Tyres

Most sizes and tread patterns available in the Maxxis brand or other brands if required.

4 WD Tyres

Maxxis offer a huge range of 4WD tyre sizes and tread patterns with tyre life up there with the best. Other brands available on request.

Trailer & Caravan Tyres

Available in the Maxxis brand at very competitive prices.

Tyre Balancing

Most new tyres fitted today require an electronic wheel balance to ensure the smoothest operation possible and TD Automotive Services has the latest in tyre balancing equipment to achieve exactly that.

Puncture Repairs

All forms of puncture repairs can be carried out if the tyre is safe, the tread is roadworthy and the wheel fits our equipment. Balancing is a must with all repairs.


Incorrect wheel alignment is often the cause of excessive tyre wear. With the company’s electronic alignment machine, most vehicles can be aligned according to the manufacturers specifications.

Our Services

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